The Love of Jesus Thrift Store

The Love of Jesus Thrift Store is a ministry of the Richmond Outreach Center with two locations, one on the Southside and the other in Richmond’s East End. Both of the stores were placed in neighborhoods where the Richmond Outreach Center knew that the people would benefit and buy from them. The Southside store opened its doors in 2004 and the East End store was established in 2006. Unlike other thrift stores, both Love of Jesus Thrift Store locations are open seven days a week. The stores are staffed by men and women who are participating in the Richmond Outreach Center’s discipleship homes which serve individuals struggling with substance abuse problems. The discipleship homes require a six month commitment by participants, with longer participation available as needed. The store gives residents training so they are prepared to re-enter the working world again or to work full-time in the ministry if they so choose. All of the income from the stores supports The Richmond Outreach Center ministries.

On the assumption that The Love of Jesus Thrift Store may be the only opportunity some people will have to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, customers in are likely to be asked by staff, “Are you 100% sure that if you died tonight you would spend eternity in heaven?” This is the staff’s way of boldly offering someone the Salvation of Christ. Every day at the store shoppers listen to Christian music, receive invitations to The Richmond Outreach Center, hear the Gospel, and are helped with meeting their needs in a manner that communicates the “love of Jesus” in a personal way.

Items in the stores are priced as low as one dollar. Items sold in the stores include sweaters, dresses, jeans, shirts, jackets, furniture, appliances, toys, books, videos, electronics, computers, and household items. The stores also have request forms that customers can fill out to determine whether the store is providing what they need and whether they are eligible to receive some items at a discount or for free. These thrift stores have a working relationship with the local government. For example, when the fire department is dealing with a family that almost lost everything in a house fire, the thrift store is one of the places that local government looks to help the family with its needs. The store will even give items to the family without charge if it is in need.

Southside Location
The Love of Jesus Thrift Store
5503 Midlothian Turnpike
Richmond, VA 23225

East End Location
The Love of Jesus Thrift Store
5158 Nine Mile Road
Richmond, VA 23223


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