Jewish Community Federation of Richmond

Founded in 1935, the Jewish Community Federation of Richmond has served as a central location of the organized Jewish community in Richmond. A voluntary association manned by professional and lay leaders, the Jewish Community Federation works with social service agencies, Jewish organizations, and synagogues, to ensure the well-being, continuity and strength of Richmond’s Jewish community. The Jewish Community Federation of Richmond promotes tradition for today’s youth and strives to make accessible knowledge of the Jewish tradition for those outside of the Jewish community.

While the Federation is involved in community programs and has partnered with groups such as the Jewish Community Services in an attempt to bring the Jewish community together, a main focus is bringing attention to issues affecting Israelis around the world. The Federation is highly involved in domestic and international politics and family issues. The organization sponsors programs to get youth involved in issues facing Jewish citizens around the world. Its publication, The Reflector, communicates national and international news. The organization’s own vision is that “The Jewish Community Federation fosters collaboration among synagogues, agencies, schools, and organizations through its fundraising, planning, community relations and leadership development.” They partner with the Richmond Jewish Council for Literacy to promote literacy in the Richmond area. In addition, as the Federation’s website notes: “Through UJC/Federation’s Operation Promise, JDC has been able to expand its Parents and Children Together (PACT) program and now offers over 10,000 Ethiopian-Israeli children customized literacy and scholastic enrichment, while providing their parents with adult literacy workshops.” Their online calendar also offers an array of Jewish oriented activities, holidays, festivals and other events of interest to the Jewish Community through dozens of local organizations.

Jewish Community Federation of Richmond
PO Box 17128
Richmond, VA 23226


Profile prepared by Margaret Williams
February, 2007