IslamicHomeschooling Academy

Islamic Homeschooling Academy

The Islamic Homeschooling Academy of Richmond, Virginia is located near Highland Park at the corner of Barton and Norwood Avenues. The school’s first priority is to teach children grades one through twelve from both the Quran, the central religious text of Islam, and the Sunnah, a chronicling of the way or deeds or Muhammad). Students also are taught a comprehensive curriculum that corresponds to the Virginia Standards of Learning and other state homeschooling laws. Students are taught Mathematics, Science, History, Islamic Studies, Arabic, Spanish, Sign Language, English, and other subjects. The Islamic Homeschooling Academy reports that most of their students test one or two grade levels higher than average public school students of the same age.

In addition to providing the necessary materials for homeschooling, the Islamic Homeschooling Academy also offers an in-class day school. Classes run five days each week and enroll both male (brothers) and female (sisters) students. In order for a brother to complete a high school education at the Academy, he must enroll prior to the sixth grade. Sisters can take high school level courses but must enroll by the beginning of the ninth grade. The curriculum is individualized according to the student’s specific learning style and academic strengths. The school administration believes that because the Islamic Homeschooling Academy is not a part of the public school system, there is a greater opportunity for of creativity in teaching methods. The faculty consists of five teachers, three of whom also serve as the Academy’s administration. Volunteer opportunities are readily available for aspiring young teachers who are willing to dedicate a one hour or more of their time each week. The school accepts donations through PayPal on the Academy’s website, which is a part of Sirraj Media Productions network, a Richmond based organization that seeks to “create an avenue of positive growth for the Muslim community in central Virginia”.

Islamic Homeschooling Academy
2710 Barton Avenue
Richmond , VA 23222

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Profile prepared by Cory Chubb
May, 2008