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The IQRA Academy is the largest full-time Islamic school in Richmond. The academy opened in 1998 and at that time was housed in the Islamic Academy of Virginia. IQRA initially offered pre-school and kindergarten classes and later developed elementary and middle school programs. Due to the growing number of students, IQRA relocated to its present site on Carnation Street. The Iqra Academy provides an academic program, activities, and services primarily for the children of the Muslim community. The academy describes its objective as promoting scholastic, personal, spiritual and social skills, all based on Islamic ideals as decreed by Allah (SWT) in the Qur’an and by the Sunnah of His final messenger Muhammad (SAW). The core curriculum includes Arabic, Islamic and Quranic studies from pre-school through high school grades. The academy is accredited by the Virginia Department of Social Services.

Among the academy’s activities are: Salat (prayer), Dawah (Sharing the message of Islam) for Muslims and non-Muslims, classes for enhancing the understanding of Qur’an and Hadith (teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), and classes for adults and new Muslims. The academy also produces a Youth Activities Newsletter.

IQRA offers preschool, kindergarten, and elementary, and middle school programs. The Preschool Program includes Circle Time, Skill Building, Dramatic Play, Character Modeling, Stretch & Grow (Creative Movement), Art, Islamic Education, and Introduction to Arabic. The Kindergarten Preparation Program includes Letter Recognition and Sounds, Islamic Values, Writing, Introduction to Science, Islamic Education, Word Building, Arabic (alphabet w/vocabulary, numbers), Spatial Reasoning, Character Building, Concepts of Basic Mathematics. The Kindergarten Program includes Word Association Activities, Vocabulary Building and Recognition, Introduction to Basic Life Sciences, Writing, Reading, Composition, Mathematics Concepts and Utilization in Practice, Language Arts, Social Studies, Art, Introduction to Computer Applications, Physical Education, Programs with Children’s Museum of Richmond, Islamic Studies, Qur’anic Studies, Participation Prayer, Safety Patrol Program, and Eager Reader Program (reading to younger classes). The Elementary School Program and Middle School program curricula are based on the Chesterfield County Public School System curriculum. Students study subjects such as English, Math, Science, History, and Social Studies. Students also take the Stanford 10 Test every year.

IQRA Academy
6900 Carnation St
Richmond, VA

IQRA Board Member

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March, 2007


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