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Kevin Adams is the founder of Heaven and Earth Bookstore, a book and music store that offers Catholics and Protestants an array of religiously affiliated and promoting products. Although Heaven and Earth generally offers products of interest to the Protestant and Catholic faiths, the store also has a small section available for those in the Jewish tradition. Adams claims that the products in the store are “90 percent Protestant, nine Catholic and one percent Judaic.” The Heaven and Earth Bookstore is located near Midlothian Turnpike about ten minutes outside of Richmond and is one of the only survivors of the once sixteen store chain.  

Heaven and Earth originated in Roanoke Rapids, a small town in North Carolina where Kevin Adams was a practicing attorney. His life turned in a more spiritual direction. When he became a devout Christian, he bought a small store from a friend located in the center of town and founded Heaven and Earth as a way of spreading the beliefs of his new-found faith. The store was an instant success and over the next decade and a half Adams opened up fifteen more stores in and around the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads area. He worked at some of the locations while hiring others who shared his faith to manage the rest. The Heaven and Earth Bookstore here in Richmond has been in business since 1990, and remains one of the only stores left in the chain. Other stores suffered from competition with internet book providers.

Heaven and Earth Bookstore carries an array of products associated with the Christian faith. The store’s selection of books includes hymnals; fiction for men, women, teens, and children: relationship and spiritual growth guides; as well as books on theology and church life. Furthermore, the store offers many different types of bibles. There are bibles specially designed for women, study guide bibles, youth and Spanish bibles, along with compact and reference bibles. In addition to religious literature this bookstore also has a broad collection of music that includes gospel, folk, country, hip-hop, classical, and rock.  The videos on sale at the store range from contemporary remakes of bible stories to movies that convey spiritual messages and those that serve to describe and account for different forms of Christian practice. Heaven and Earth Bookstore also offers a variety of different computer software programs. There is home schooling software, Bible software, as well as religiously-oriented computer games. 

Shopping at the Heaven and Earth bookstore is also available online. The website also offers shoppers many useful tools and information. It provides links to different ministry programs where visitors can listen to sermons given by a variety of ministers. There is a broad set of devotion tools. In addition, Heaven and Earth on occasion has best-selling authors readings at the store, followed by a meet and greet session.

Heaven and Earth Bookstore
11004 Midlothian Turnpike
Bon Air, VA 23235
(804) 794-9059

Heaven and Earth Richmond location manager
Founder of Heaven and Earth Bookstore
Heaven and Earth website

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May, 2008



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