Good Sam’s Auto

In 1987, Mike McClary and his wife Jan McClary started Good Samaritan Ministry to help the needy in the Richmond area. The ministry focuses on rehabilitating drug addicts. The rehabilitation program they developed helps addicts fight their addiction, find work, and build bonds with others. The ministry is affiliated with the Independent Fundamental Baptist Church. While in rehabilitation, individuals iin the program participate in Bible study and attend church together every Sunday.

Good Sam’s Auto provides auto repair and used car sales was founded in 1992 as part of Good Samaritan Ministries. Good Sam’s Auto employs people who are going through the Good Samaritan Ministries rehabilitation program. The program focuses on helping drug addicts to fight their addictions while teaching Christian values based on independent fundamental Baptist church teachings.

Most employees of Good Sam’s Auto use their time at the auto shop to learn the trade of auto repair. The vehicles sold at Good Sam’s auto are donations from the Richmond community and are sold at affordable prices, with all proceeds going to benefit Good Samaritan Ministries. All vehicles sold at Good Sam’s Auto are sold without either a warranty or guarantee. Good Sam’s Auto is open weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Good Sam’s Auto
2317 Hull Street
Richmond , VA 23224

Personal interviews with employees at Good Sam’s Auto

Profile prepared by Alex Mattera
April, 2007