Good Samaritan Thrift Store

In 1987, Mike McClary and his wife Jan McClary started Good Samaritan Ministry to help the needy in the Richmond area. The ministry focuses on rehabilitating drug addicts. The rehabilitation program they developed helps addicts fight their addiction, find work, and build bonds with others. The ministry is affiliated with the Independent Fundamental Baptist Church. While in rehabilitation, people in the program participate in Bible study and attend church together every Sunday.

Good Samaritan Ministry began to grow rapidly and quickly needed more funding. As a result, one year after founding Good Samaritan Ministry, Mike and Jan McClary opened Good Samaritan Thrift Store on Hull Street in Richmond. In 1993, the thrift store moved to Williamsburg Road. Over the next ten years the store moved three more times, each time to a larger location. In 2001 Good Samaritan Thrift Store moved to its current location in Southside Plaza near Hull Street in Richmond.

Good Samaritan Thrift Store sells used clothing, furniture, appliances, toys, and other household items. In addition to serving as an affordable store for the community and those in need, it also serves as part of the ministry sponsored rehabilitation process. The store employs people who have completed or are currently going through its rehabilitation program. All proceeds from the thrift store are dedicated to the rehabilitation program.

Good Samaritan Thrift Store
4680 Southside Plaza
Richmond, Virginia

Personal Interviews with employees at Good Samaritan Thrift Store
Good Samaritan Ministry. “ A Hand Up NOT A Hand Out” (pamphlet)

Profile prepared by Alex Mattera
April, 2007



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