Good Hopewell Baptist Church

Several years after the end of the Civil War a small group of African Americans started having religious meetings in their homes at which they would sing spirituals and thank God for His goodness and His mercy. After holding these meetings for several years, the group desired to organize and build a church. H. Bunkner and his wife donated about a quarter of an acre of land on Old Deep Run Road in Henrico County, Brook land District for the church site. This building was completed by November, 1877 and was named Good Hope (Brook land) Baptist Church. The Rev. George Moore served as the new church’s first pastor. After the church was built, a bell was placed in the steeple and was used to signal the beginning and ending of worship. Following the death of Rev. Moore in 1912, the new pastor made a number of physical improvements to the church property and also led the process of changing the name of the church from Good Hope Baptist Church to Good Hopewell Baptist Church. After nearly forty years at its original location, Good Hopewell Baptist Church relocated to Florida Avenue and a variety of renovations were made to the building. The missionary circle presented the new church with the bell from the old building and positioned it in the church yard.

Good Hopewell has three morning worship services on Sunday, an early morning Prayer Hour, followed by Church School, and Praise and Worship. Good Hopewell also offers an evening Prayer and Bible Fellowship and a Bible Study on weekday evenings. The Prayer and Worship Service follows the format common to Baptist churches (Call to Worship, Processional, Invocation, Hymn of Praise, Responsive Reading, Choral Response, Musical Offering, Prayer Hymn, Musical Offering, Announcements/Acknowledgment of guests, Tithes & Offerings, Doxology, Choir, the Message, Sermon, Invitation to Christian Discipleship, Alter Call, and Benediction).

In 1986, Good Hopewell’s new pastor organized an ongoing Evangelism Team and Ministry, Leadership Studies, Greeters & Hostess Ministry, and a Nursing Ministry. Good Hopewell has now established numerous other ministries like, Audio Ministry, Pastor Aid Ministry, Senior Ministry, Youth Ministry, Bus Ministry, Women’s and Men’s Ministries, and Food Pantry Ministry. Good Hopewell has purchased additional property on Hopkins Road with the vision to build a new church.

Good Hopewell Baptist Church
3801 Florida Avenue
Richmond, VA 23222
(804) 329-2243 (804) 329-5288

Good Hopewell Baptist Church officers

Profile prepared by Jasmine Allen
September, 2009