God’s Garden

Deborah Febish is an ordained Christian, Native American Minister in partnership with Kenneth Copeland Ministiries. She opened God’s Garden Ministries Ltd. in May of 2000. God’s Garden is a natural food store as well as a holistic and healing clinic located on Mechanicsville Turnpike.Febish is a pastor and naturopathic physician with over twenty-eight years of experience. She is a Native American Minister ordained by Lambs World Ministries and holds degrees from Clayton College of Natural Healing and the Advanced Integrative Medical Institute in Washington, D.C. Although God’s Garden is formally organized as a natural food store, it also offers nutritional, ministerial, and therapeutic services. These services incorporate elements of Native American historical practice. The staff at God’s Garden states that their main goal is to help others to maintain good health through God’s word. Their ministry is to offer scientific, educational research in health and professional supervision in nutritional healing.

In addition to offering a food co-op, God’s Garden also offers nutrition education and massage, reflexology, acupuncture, and ionic cleansing therapies. There are also a number of other health checks such as blood type testing, hypothyroid checks, bone density testing, and stress Cortisol checks. With respect to ministerial services, God’s Garden offers marriage counseling, wedding ceremonies, family counseling, hospital visitation, prayer ceremonies (through which prayer groups are set up for individuals and families who request that service), Native American naming ceremonies (which involves native elders determining that individuals may be worthy of receiving a name that the Creator has given to that particular person), and house blessings (which involves God’s Garden staff visiting and blessing one’s home at the resident’s request).

God’s Garden
7142 Mechanicsville Turnpike
Mechanicsville, VA. 23111

God’s Garden Ministries Ltd. pamphlet

Profile prepared by Joseph Moates
October, 2000