Fountain of Deliverance Outreach Ministry

The Fountain of Deliverance Outreach Ministry originated as the Fountain Holy Church in the early 1950’s under the leadership of Elder Montomery Curry in Chesterfield County. This one-room church off Goode Bridge Road had a capacity of about fifty parishioners. By 1990, the congregation had grown to a size that required a larger church facility. The church moved a building in the Blackwell area of Southside Richmond that held about 150 parishioners and also changed its name to the Fountain of Deliverance Outreach Ministry. The congregation doubled in size again by 1993 and so moved to historic Jackson Ward in downtown Richmond. For the next thirteen years, the church stayed at this location, serving the downtown community under the Bishop Lawrence Taylor. This building located on East Clay Street, was then sold to be converted into condominiums that later were named the Sanctuary Condominiums. In 2006, the congregation again grew in size and moved to East Broad Rock Road. The church states that its goal is to evangelize around the Richmond area while serving the needs of residents of all four corners of the city. The church performs this service by teaching individuals morals, good behavior and providing a positive environment to overcome all the negative influences one may face within the city.

Services are held throughout the week. On Sundays, there is an early morning Sunday school followed by a worship service; a second worship service is held in the afternoon There is a noon-day prayer during the middle of the week and another prayer service that evening. Toward the end of the week there is another evening prayer session held along with an evangelistic service. The congregation is composed primarily of African-American individuals from all over the city. There is a Northside extension church on Fourth Avenue.

The church supports a variety of activities. Children’s activities include children’s Sunday school and a children’s church. Music is a major part of Fountain of Deliverance Outreach Ministry. Groups include the Sanctuary Choir, “Alive” singers, Yoke Brothers chorus, and senior adult choir. Since the church produces a television broadcast and a radio show, a media group called the media ministry is in place to assist with those missions. There is a Bible class, and a women’s fellowship (Victorious Women in Christ), and a men’s fellowship (the Yoke Brothers) were established to help evangelize the community. The church sponsors a radio program, “Healing Our World,” on WFTH 1590 AM and the Fountain of Deliverance Television Program on Comcast channel 95.

Fountain of Deliverance Outreach Ministry
3800 East Broad Rock Road
Richmond , VA 23224

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September, 2009


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