The First Mennonite Church

The First Mennonite Church of Richmond Virginia, newly located on East Parham Road, was founded in 1951. It began as a small group of Mennonites from Newport News who would gather and hold services in Chimbarazo Park. Eventually they moved into the first of their three buildings in National Heights on the East End of Richmond. From there the Mennonites moved across town into a building on Staples Mill Road. The church then moved from this location to Parham Road during early November of 2004. To celebrate the move church members spent four days reading the Bible over and over again in order to bring the word of God to their new building. In January, 2005, the education wing of the building was ravaged by fire, but the community was able to raise enough money to have it fully restored.

As a wing of the Anabaptist Church, these Mennonite Christians, like all other Christian groups, believe strongly in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Their mission is to “seek and touch others with the good news of Christ’s love.” A strong community work ethic keeps the members of the congregation striving to improve the Richmond community and the world as a whole. Because the different church buildings have been located at opposite ends of the city, the congregation is made up of a diverse group of people who travel from all over the metropolitan area to attend services and socialize with friends. The First Mennonite Church does have a membership covenant that consists of ten belief statements. These statements concern such subjects as the value and importance of scripture, the nature of the church, and financial priorities.

In addition to providing Sunday school classes and weekly worship on Sunday mornings, the Church holds a community coffee hour on the first and third Tuesdays of every month. These are informal meetings, the purpose of which is to provide church members with a chance to converse outside of the Sunday morning worship environment. On the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month evening prayer sessions are held. First Mennonite also holds an annual craft and bake sale. On average about 100 congregants attend weekly services. There are, however, only eighty official members of the First Mennonite Church.


The First Mennonite Church of Richmond

901 East Parham Road

Richmond, VA 23227




Pastor, First Mennonite Church

First Mennonite Church of Richmond website


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