Fifth Street Baptist Church

Fifth Street Baptist Church was established on Fifth Street in 1880, with Dr. Thomas J. King as the founding pastor. Dr. CC Scott is recognized as the church’s longest serving pastor, serving more then 30 years. The church moved from its Fifth Street location to its present location on Third Avenue in 1973, taking over Northside Baptist Church, when church members no longer felt safe in the Fifth Street area. The relocation triggered a dispute within the church, and a portion of the congregation was wanted to stay true to the church’s location and historic values. These members eventually split away from the Fifth Street Baptist Church congregation and formed the Garland Avenue Baptist Church. One distinctive feature of the Fifth Street Baptist Church is that rooms within the church are named after individuals who have made significant contributions to the church’s establishment. This reflects members’ belief that it is not the building but the worshipers who make the church.

There are two Sunday services, one early morning service and one mid-morning service. Bible study is held on one morning and evening during the week. Some of the special days that the church celebrates are the Church Anniversary in mid-October, Advent, Lent, Women’s Day, Men’s Day, and Youth Day. The church also participates in all of the regular seasonal holidays. Fifth Street Baptist Church has a wide variety of internal groups and ministries. The Ministers Fellowship is devoted to providing a sense of presence to the congregation by working hand in hand with the pastor. The Deacons Ministry is similar in serving as a counsel to the pastor. There are a number of administrative ministries from Trustee Ministry, Church Staff, Credit Union, Public Relations Ministry, and Culinary Arts Ministry. The North District Community Development Corporation is a ministry that helps to rebuild communities. There are also a number of Christian Education Ministries that focus on educating others about the Baptist faith. The fellowship ministries include the Men’s, Women’s, Child and Youth and Young Adult Ministries. The Evangelism and New Members Ministries are in place to familiarize new members with the word of God. The Worship Ministries include Fellowship Commission, Usher’s Ministry, and the Fine Arts Ministry.

Externally, the Federated Missionary Organization, is intended to foster the global mission, helping the less fortunate in the community. Through this ministry, the church works with many organizations outside of the church to carry out their mission, “Bringing the Kingdom to the Community.” On a global level there are affiliations such as the Baptist General Convention of Virginia, National Baptist Convention Incorporated, Shiloh Baptist Association, Lott Carey Foreign Missionary Convention, and American Baptist Churches of the South. The NAACP and Women of R.I.S.E, an alcoholics anonymous program, are two examples of the social action and justice ministries under the Mission Ministry. There are also annual projects in which the church participates. Congregations around Richmond Involved to Assure Shelter (CARITAS), is an organization that offers food and shelter to the homeless for one week during the year. Financial Assistance (Benevolence) assists local residents with utilities and rent. There is also a Prison Ministry and a Senior Citizens Ministry, all driven to fulfill the Federated Missionary Organizations Mission.

Fifth Street Baptist Church
2800 Third Avenue
Richmond , VA 23222
(804) 321-5115

Fifth Street Baptist Church Minister of Christian Education
Fifth Street Baptist Church website

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