The Father’s House

The founding members of The Father’s House were originally members of the House of Prayer of Chesterfield. The new church emerged as a “vision of love,” and The Father’s House continues to have an affiliate relationship with the House of Prayer.

The Father’s House is a non-denominational church located on Laburnum Ave in Richmond’s East End. Established on April 2, 2000, the congregation prides itself on being inter-racial and accepting all people. The first worship service was held in the basement of the parents of the current pastor, Scott Harding. Over a the next two years, worship services were held at the local YMCA and in the Varina Elementary School auditorium before the congregation located in an empty daycare center located in the Byrd Industrial Park.

The church defines its mission simply, as loving god and loving people. They believe that by showing love and serving the people they will draw people closer to the Lord. Father’s House claims that they are a congregation that is dedicated to help people form “life changing” relationships with the Lord. Their goal is to change the church first because the church needs to be in harmony before they can help others and then the community and ultimately, the world.

The Father’s House supports a ministry for children ages 3-12, the Power Club, and a youth ministry, both of which focus on Bible study and fellowship. There is also a men’s ministry. Men in the congregation gather for events such as golfing, horseback riding, and retreats. These events are intended to encourage and promote Christian fellowship.

The church also runs an online bookstore which sells thousands of titles. Through its affiliation with ChristianBook.com, the church is able to offer a wide range of Christian books, tapes, cd’s, and other items. The church receives a percentage of proceeds from the sale of these products.

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October, 2006


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