Family Christian Store

The Family Christian Stores originated in 1931 as the Zondervan Publishing House. Founders and brothers, P.J. and Bernie Zondervan, started Zondervan Publishing House as a book sales company in their mother’s house in Grandville , Michigan . Due to exponential business sales growth, the brothers moved from Grandville , Michigan to a downtown storefront in Grand Rapids , Michigan in 1932. This move and continually increasing business was followed by the first book ever published by Zondervan Publishing House in 1933. The book was entitled “Women of the Old Testament” and was authored by Abraham Kuyper. As their publishing endeavors grew, the Zondervans opened their second store in Winona Lake, Indiana in 1937. The Zondervans changed the bookstore’s name to Family Bookstore in 1971 in order to target the store’s primary demographic and so customers could more readily identify the store’s name. The formerly family-owned Zondervan Corporation became a publicly-owned bookstore in 1976. By 1990, there were over 120 Family Bookstores nationwide. Harper Collins Publishers bought Zondervan Publishing House in 1993. The purchase of the publishing company by Harper Collins divided the publishing house and Family Bookstores into two different businesses. Family Bookstore became Family Christian Stores in 1997. There are currently over 300 stores nationwide.  Richmond is one of the 38 states to have a Christian Family Store.

The Richmond Family Christian Bookstore stocks many different items. Examples of the items available include a wide range of Christian books and Bibles in paperback and audio; Christian-related guide books on marriage, lifestyle, business finance; Spanish translation books; Christian music on DVDs and CDs; Christian-inspired toys for children; teaching resources for Bible study and Sunday School; Christian software; Christian-inspired jewelry, hats, clothing, and backpacks; and Christian greeting cards and stickers.

Family Christian Stores
11500 Midlothian Turnpike
Richmond , VA 23235

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Profile prepared by Christopher Ferguson
December, 2007