Community Christian Bookstore

The Community Christian Bookstore was founded in November, 2001 under the leadership of Pastor Michael D. McClary of the Community Bainbridge Baptist Church and Good Samaritan Ministries. The bookstore is located in the Southside Plaza Shopping Center and serves as a, “place where you can find all of the tools necessary to build a solid foundation in your walk with Jesus Christ.” In addition to providing Christian growth tools, Community Christian Bookstore is a vocational training center for graduates of the ministry’s two residential rehabilitation programs, The Good Samaritan Inn and The Good Samaritan Women’s Home. Good Samaritan Ministries believes that by providing their graduates with work experience they help prepare these men and women acquire and perform future jobs successfully.

The small bookstore offers an assortment of new and used “study aids, King James Version Bibles, Sunday school materials, Christian literature, videos, CD’s and gifts” and various clothing and jewelry items. The store supplies numerous churches with Vacation Bible School materials along with “communion plates, offering plates, hymnals, and pew Bibles.” The store frequently runs sales and items on their eBay store are always available online. The entire proceeds of the store help fund many of The Good Samaritan ministries. Community Christian Bookstore is open Monday through Saturday.

Community Christian Book Store
4680 North Southside Plaza Street
Richmond VA, 23224

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Profile Prepared by Derreck Granell
September, 2009