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Chamberlayne Baptist Church was established early in the 1950’s by residents of the neighboring communities of Chamberlayne Farms and Chamberlayne Heights where residents felt a need for local Baptist fellowship. With the assistance and support of Northside Baptist Church, Hatcher Memorial Baptist Church, and the Richmond Baptist Association, their dream became a reality. In the beginning, regular prayer meetings were held at the homes of residents, but the congregation was able to purchase land for a future church in 1953. With the new land, congregation member were able to host Vacation Bible School under a tent the week of August 17-21 with the support of the Richmond Baptist Association. Sunday worship services and Sunday school were conducted in the homes of Mr. and Mrs. T.L. Atkins before the congregation was able to construct a chapel. With growing membership, the plans to construct a chapel were put into action. The first stage of the chapel was started in October, 1953, and the first service was held in the new chapel on December 25, 1953. On January 2, 1955, Chamberlayne Baptist Chapel of Northside and Hatcher Memorial Baptist Churches merged to become Chamberlayne Baptist Church. On February 18, 1955, the Richmond Baptist Association adopted a recommendation from its Admission Committee to welcome Chamberlayne Baptist Church into its fellowship. As membership and community needs began to grow, church facilities expanded. An education building was completed in September, 1959; five years later the sanctuary opened. The Chamberlayne Christian Life Center, a multipurpose building, was completed in April, 1977 along with the church office a few years later. The church has had nine different pastors since its inception.

The church states that its mission is to be committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ by building a fellowship of growing Christians who will be more like Christ; cultivating an atmosphere of worship; providing educational opportunities for people of all ages; encouraging outreach and missions; desiring to serve others through a holistic ministry that addresses physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs. Worship services and Sunday school are held on Sunday mornings. There is also a children’s church for four and five year olds. The church holds a family night supper followed by Bible study and children activities on a weekday evening. Chamberlayne Baptist Church has about 1,005 members, with 300 being currently active. The church is predominantly Caucasian, with a small number of other ethnic group members.

The church supports a youth ministry with the stated objective of giving guidance, support, encouragement and leadership to the young people of the church and community by teaching them the principals of the Bible and how to apply those principles in everyday life. The music ministry includes the Chancel Choir, a vocal praise team, a hand bell choir and children’s musical activities. Chamberlayne Baptist also has numerous outreach programs. The church sponsors a Vacation Bible School every summer along with day camp for children in partnership with Chamberlayne Heights Methodist Church and First Mennonite Church. During the school year the church offers a half-day preschool program for children between the ages of six months to five years. Members are involved in community projects with Lambs Basket, a local food pantry, a women’s mission group, and various homeless shelters. The Sunday school also offers classes for mentally challenged adults who meet on Sundays and weekends for retreats, parties and visitations to churches. Finally, the church supports a variety of mission organizations including Richmond Baptist Association, Baptist General Association of Virginia and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

Chamberlayne Baptist Church
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