Celebration Center

Celebration Center is a non-denominational church that greets every person that enters the door with a hug. Established October 3, 1999, the Celebration Center grew out of a park prayer meeting conducted by its founder, Danny Mead. Worship services were held in Greenville Elementary School for three years. When the school was scheduled for renovation, Celebration Center found a former athletic center in which to conduct worship services on a regular basis.

Sunday Services begin with a 30 to 45 minute period of praise and worship music, which is a combination of hymns and contemporary worship songs. After the songs and prayer, there is a welcome of visitors. Children then exit the main sanctuary to attend children’s church. The morning message, given by the pastor or the person he designates, is followed by an altar call. The altar is also open to those in attendance without an official altar call being made. Baskets are placed in the back of the sanctuary for donations to the church rather than taking a formal offering as part of the program.

Celebration Center supports a ministry for youth, men, women, all of which focus on Bible study and fellowship. The women’s ministry has retreats that include a professional cosmetologist in the church to give women a day of pampering. The professionals volunteer their time during the retreat. The men’s ministry participates in sporting events and discusses relevant gender issues. Celebration Center is a mission-focused church that uses a tenth of offerings to support missions of various denominations. The center also visits juvenile jails in the area.

Celebration Center is Pentecostal in its teachings, but emphasizes positive messages rather than messages of condemnation. The church believes in speaking in tongues; in baptizing in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost; and in the Bible as the inspired word of God. The church is approximately three-quarters Caucasian and one-quarter African American. Sunday attendance usually is about 225 members.

Celebration Center
879 Research Road
Richmond, VA 23236

Interviewed Danny Mead

Profile prepared by Hope Ireland
May, 2007


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