Belmont United Methodist Church

Belmont Church was established in 1956 and has a diverse congregation by both age and race. The church encourages a relaxed environment in which members may dress casually. The worship services begin with announcements followed by a processional with a hymn, scripture readings, prayer, and songs from the choir. Two distinct styles of worship are offered each Sunday at Belmont, the Traditional Service and New Horizons Service. According to the website, both services attract newcomers and old-timers, and both are racially diverse. Both services include congregational singing, praying, and fellowship. The church understands each service as an instrument that God uses to meet people, comfort people, change people, and inspire people. The New Horizons worship employs a multi-media presentation with music, video clips, PowerPoint, and a message focused on lively topics of today’s seekers. The Traditional Service usually contains hymns, psalms, and a sermon focused on a message from the Bible. The church has two choirs: the Chancel Choir performs at the Traditional Service and special holiday services, and the Praise Team performs at the New Horizons Service. Belmont United Methodist offers Sunday school classes for children, youth, and adults that are based on Bible study and focus on how the teachings of the Bible serve as a guide for 21st-century living. In-depth Bible studies are offered during the week most of the year.

Belmont has several support groups within the church. A weekly prayer group is offered along with a telephone prayer chain. The Stephen ministry provides one-to-one confidential care for members. P.A.L.S (Prayer, Action, Learning, and Support) involves small spiritual groups that meet around themes such as dinner, bridge, and racial reconciliation. Racial reconciliation has brought together a diverse community within the church. According to the website, “The congregation, for many years, was predominantly white. Over the last few years, there has been an intentional effort to become inclusive. Adding a second pastor, reaching out to African-American neighbors, and providing ministries devoted to racial understanding and reconciliation, we are learning the joys of diversity as part of God’s plan of salvation.” A racial reconciliation P.A.L.S. group meets twice a month for discussions, fellowship meetings, and education. The bereavement ministry team prepares and serves meals when a church member suffers the loss of a family member. Other support groups include the Holy Communion to Homebound Team; Young at Heart Club; United Methodist Men, Women, and Youth; and Team Kid.

The congregation focuses its collective energy on outreach activities. According to the church website, by ministering to persons through a variety of projects and programs, Belmont seeks to follow the call of Jesus to “love thy neighbor.” During Christmas and Thanksgiving, members deliver food baskets to families in the community, and assists families with special needs throughout the year. Outreach programs include a food pantry/ clothes closet, participation in CARITAS, and a visitation team. Food Panty provides food and clothing to members of the Richmond community along with the SHARE food ministry. Through CARITAS the church provides food and shelter for homeless people during the winter months. The visitation team visits first-time visitors and gives them an information packet and welcomes them to the church. Fellowship groups are also apart of the Belmont community. Young at Heart Club, United Methodist Men, United Methodist Women, United Methodist Youth Fellowship, and Team Kid provide groups based on common characteristic that members share with one another.

Belmont also participates in a ministry United Methodist Church ministry, Community of Shalom.. According to a church representative, Communities of Shalom engages congregations and communities in working together to experience wholeness and well being among all people in their neighborhoods to renew the spirit of God in congregations and communities, develop shared prosperity and economies of communities, strengthen relationships among diverse neighbors, and improve community health care and delivery of community of services.

Belmont United Methodist Church
3510 Broad Rock Boulevard
Richmond , Virginia 23234

Belmont United Methodist Church website
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Profiled prepared by Courtney Culbreath
April, 2009