Banner Christian School

Banner Christian School is a mixed-gender, inter-denominational Christian School. The idea of Banner Christian School started with families in the Richmond area that wanted a Christian-based school that was not affiliated with a church. The result was Banner Christian School, which opened its doors to 77 students in August, 2003. Currently Banner meets at Bethany Place Baptist Church. With the growth that the school has experienced, plans are in the works to construct its own building. Banner is Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) accredited. Students are given standardized testing; such as Stanford, and they score in the top twenty percent nationally on these standardized tests. The school also provides programs for learning-disabled students. For parents who work late, there is an after-school care program. Banner Christian currently enrolls approximately two hundred students.

Banner’s founders developed the following mission statement: “ Banner Christian School is a K4-12 program that is consistent with the Word of God. Considering paramount every child’s academic, emotional, physical, social and spiritual needs, Banner Christian School is dedicated to developing and educating the whole person to the glory of God.” Along with the mission statement the school cites this biblical verse: “For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11).

Banner promote four basic core values: Discipline, Scholarship, Stewardship, and Fellowship. These four core values are utilized when admitting students into the school and guide the teachers and students in their day-to-day activities. In order for a student to be admitted, a family must have one parent who is a practicing Christian. If a student is under six years of age, the parent must write their statement of faith. If the student is older than six, he/she must write his/her own testimony. This requirement helps Banner maintain its core values.

The school provides classes for grades K4-12. Within the Banner School there are three divisions, each with its own principal: lower (K4-5 th), middle (6 th-8 th), and upper (9 th-12 th). Students in all of the divisions the same school uniform, which consists of polo tops and pants or a kilt. The tops may be blue, green, or white and pants may be khaki or navy. The school supports an online store from which uniforms, active wear, backpacks, gifts, clothes for toddlers and infants may be purchased.

Since Banner is a Bible-based school, students regularly participate in praise and worship times. The lower school holds chapel every Wednesday, and the upper school holds Christian Life Center, which is a time when the students examine real world issues through the Bible. For example, what does the Bible say about stem-cell research or abortion. Along with faith-based activities, Banner supports a variety of programs aimed at academic achievement. One is called “book buddies,” through which the upper-school students read and tutor lower-school students, and there is a school wide spelling-bee. Every student must take Spanish during their academic career, and sign language is offered in the upper school, as well. Banner offers many after school activities. Students have the option of being involved in soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, art club, and Discovery.

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Profile prepared by Jaclyn Allen
February, 2009