Ave Maria Sacred Art, Gifts and Books

Ave Maria Sacred Art, Gifts and Books was opened by John and Kim Bourret in 1996 in response to what they describe as a spiritual awakening experience. For the first six years of its history the store was located in the basement of a Benedictine Monastery. It is currently located in the original Stony Point Shopping Center that preceded the Stony Point Fashion Park.

The store features a wide variety of religiously affiliated products. Ave Maria sells items from Bibles to icon paintings, religious hymns to liturgical vestments and linens, ornaments to large outdoor statues, chalices to jewelry, seasonal items to religious Russian treasures. The store’s musical selection, with its emphasis on hymns and chants, will appeal to customers in the Christian tradition while other articles and statues are inclusive of a broader range of religious traditions. In addition to in-store products, the Ave Maria website promotes and popularizes their quest to promote general well-being through Christian practices and virtues. There is a prayer-request page through which individuals can request a payer for someone they know who has been stricken by adversity, and all those who view the website are invited to pray for their relief and/or amelioration. Prayer requests are also sent directly to the store where they are received by different prayer groups, or “intercessory prayer warriors,” who pray on behalf of prayer petitioners. The website also enables patrons to discover the origins behind some specific items, revealing information about their histories. Everything sold in the Richmond based Ave Maria Sacred Art, Gifts and Books store is available internationally as well as domestically through international shipping options.

Ave Maria Sacred Art, Gifts and Books
3022 Stony Point Road
Richmond , VA 23235

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Profile prepared by John Feole
March, 2008