The African Christian Community Church

The African Christian Community Church was founded by Rev. Calvin A. Birch, who also serves as the church’s pastor. Rev. Birch came to the United State in 2000 for academic study. He holds the Master of Divinity Degree from the Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University in Richmond and is currently enrolled at the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond in pursuit of the Doctor of Ministry degree. His original intention was to complete his academic studies in the U.S. and then return to his native Liberia; however, the civil war in Liberia prevented his return. Birch then decided to preach the word of God to immigrants, and he established the African Christian Community Church in June, 2003. More than 95% of its members consist of immigrants from Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Sudan and Zambia. The remaining 5% are African Americans. The Church started with only 15 members, but since 2003 the congregation has grown to 200 members.

African Christian Community Church states that the purpose of the church is to worship God, fellowship, teach, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that members glorify God through the conversion and baptism of new believers. The church describes its mission as proclaiming the message, principles, and values of Jesus Christ to the entire world, irrespective of race, gender, ethnic affiliation, or social status. Members state that they strongly believe in strengthening each other in the Christian faith by praying and supporting one another with encouragement fellowship. African Christian Community Church envisions a faith-based community that is committed to changing individuals, communities, and society as a whole by demonstrating love and supportive community. The church’s core values of family, diversity, and relationship derive from the African concept of community. Members of the church value the richness of their heritage and are determined to express their cultural values in their private and public lives.

There is an early morning Sunday school and a late morning worship service each Sunday, with an evening Bible study on a mid-week evening. The Sunday service usually begins with signing, dancing, and praying. Church members offer prayers for all people, including the people of Africa, by remembering the challenges that their homelands face in the form of poverty, hunger, disease, and civil wars. Members believe that through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, God will restore peace and harmony to Africa.

African Christian Community Church sponsors several outreach ministries. These include the Barnabas project, Inc, which is a church outreach project designed as a community witness to African immigrants and needy families in Richmond and throughout the State of Virginia; the Hospitality Ministry, which runs a FoodPantry; an after school tutoring and mentoring program; Sunday School; Women’s Missionary Union; midweek discipleship group; Clothes Closet; monthly community meals; and family life conferences. The church also supports both domestic and international missions.

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Profile prepared by Tegest Mesfin
May, 2009