Magnus Lundberg


Magnus Lundberg is Professor of Church and Mission Studies at Uppsala University, Sweden, specializing in World Christianity and Interreligious Studies. He earned a Dr. Theol. degree in Mission Studies at Lund University and is a trained archivist. He has been guest professor at the Colegio de Michoacán and the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). Lundberg’s research is focused on the history of the church in colonial Spanish America. Apart from a large number of articles in English, Spanish and Swedish, he has published three books. The first is Unification and Conflict: The Church Politics of Alonso de Montufar OP, Archbishop of Mexico, 1554-1572   (2002) which later was translated into Spanish. The second is C hurch Life Between the Metropolitan and the Local: Parishes, Parishioners and Parish Priests in Seventeenth-Century Mexico   (2011) and the latest is Mission and Ecstasy: Contemplative women’s role in the mission in colonial Latin America (2015). Together with David Westerlund he has edited a general introduction to Latin American religions, Religion i Latinamerika (2013). Other areas of interest are post-Vatican II Catholic dissenter groups and Marian apparitions, the history of mission studies and archival matters.






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