Jojan Jonker


Jojan Jonker (1956-) graduated in Computer Science in 1986 (Leiden University). He worked for almost 20 years for a software house as consultant and Information Architect. One of his areas of interest and specialties was the influence of a company’s culture and the human factor on ICT projects. This overlaps with what today is called ‘business spirituality’. In the 1998 he became a Reiki teacher and developed a special interest for spirituality in general and mysticism. In 2010, he graduated in Interreligious Spirituality (Radboud University Nijmegen) and continued in 2011 as external PhD Candidate as a both-sider: Reiki practitioner and academic scholar. In 2015 he finished his doctoral study on the topic of the migration of Reiki (a Japanese spiritual healing practice) to the West, and in 2016 he took on his doctoral degree within the field of Study of Religion. His research interest includes Eastern traditions emerging in the West, spirituality, healing, and mysticism.


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