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Authorship of WRSP profiles is by invitation. Qualified scholars are welcome to inquire about authorship opportunities with WRSP.

Letters of invitation originate with the WRSP Director or Directors of WRSP Special Projects. Letters of invitation and profile format instructions for Special Project profiles may differ slightly.

Once authorship has been arranged, authors are sent brief profile preparation instructions. The following format information is sent to prospective authors:

There are only five requirements for the group profiles

  1. Follow the header structure (timeline, founder/group history, doctrines/beliefs, rituals/practices, leadership/organization, issues/challenges). Avoid additional headers/subheaders.
  2. Follow the reference format (use any recent profile as a model). Avoid footnotes/endnotes.
  3. Put only major events in the timeline; details go in the text. The timeline is in the past tense and in complete sentences.
  4. Make the profile readable, accessible, and comprehensive. There are no length stipulations since we are online.
    5. Where you are using internet sources in the text, insert a reference and place the link in the References section.

Usually I try to offer a model for the profile. It turns out this is more helpful than a set of rules. [Suggested Model Here] This group would give you a sample of profile structure and content. I would be glad to answer any questions you might have.

I will need a target submission date for the profile. Mostly I need predictability. If you have images that you would like to see included, you can put them in a separate text file or place them where you want them in the profile file.

Ultimately I will need a bio to add to the profile.




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