Régis Dericquebourg


Régis Dericquebourg was an assistant-professor in the University Charles De Gaulle – Lille 3 (France). He is now an associate-professor at the Faculty of Comparative Studies on Religions and Humanism (Antwerpen-Wilrijk). He is a permanent member of the Group of sociology of Religions and Secularity (laïcité) at the National Center of Scientific Studies in Paris. He is President of the European Observatory of Religions and Secularism and cofounder of Human Rights Without Frontiers Int. He wrote a doctoral thesis on the Jehovah’s Witnesses (1975-1979) and has continued research on this movement. In 1986, he began studies on healing churches, publishing books such as Religions de guérison (Healing Religions) (Paris. Cerf. 1988), Les Antoinistes (The Antoinists) (Paris. Turnhout. Brepols. 1993), The Christian Scientists (Turin. Elle Di Ci. 1999), Croire et guérir (To Believe and to Heal) (Paris. Dervy. 2001), Georges Roux, dit le Christ de Montfavet. Ésoterisme, écologisme et guérison. (Georges Roux, known as the Christ of Montfavet. Esotérism, Ecologism and Healing.)  (Bruxelles. E.M.E. 2012). Then he completed an habilitation in this field in 2000. He is the author of more than fifty scientific articles on the sociology of minority religious groups and has participated in many world conferences on the sociology of religions. He has also contributed to collective books such as Scientology (Jim Lewis. ed. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 2009), Jehovas Zeugen im Europa. Geschichte und Gegenwart. (Gerhard Besier and Katarzyna Stoklosa  ed. LTD Verlag. Dr W. Hopf. Berlin. 2013. Now available in English), and Religions and Human Rights. An international Perspective. (Ziebert & Crpié ed. Berlin, New York. Springer. 2015). He co-edited special issues of Acta Comparanda named Subsidia (Faculty of Comparative Studies on Religions and Humanism), Christian Science (Subsidia II. 2015), Jehovah’s Witnesses (Subsidia III. 2016), Scientology (Subsidia IV. 2017), Unification Church (Subsidia VI. 2018). He is also interested in Max Weber’s writings and he published several articles both on his notion of specific charisma (ASSR, 137. janv-mars 2017, 21-41) and on his notion of mystagogy (ASSR. 113. janv-mars, 2001).


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