The ROC School of Urban Ministries

The ROC School of Urban Ministry is a private Christian school designed to train students for Christian ministries. The organization’s purpose is to provide a spiritual, academic, and cultural atmosphere that will produce well-rounded Christian leaders. The school was initiated as a vision of the founder and pastor, Geronimo Aguilar, of the Richmond Outreach Center (The ROC). The Richmond Outreach Center purchased the building formerly known as the Eastern Star Home in January, 2006. The building has been a Richmond Landmark for 76 years; it was closed in 2004 due to declining donations. Located on Chamberlayne Avenue on the North Side of Richmond, the campus is described by The ROC church affiliates as a beautiful three-story building with approximately 45,000 square feet. The on-site men’s and women’s dormitories offer typical amenities necessary for on-campus residency.

The ROC School of Urban Ministries states that it believes that God’s program for service today is centered in the local New Testament church. Therefore, the ROC School is committed to training preachers and ministry leaders who will become a part of building Bible-believing, soul-winning churches. The goal is to train America ‘s future pastors, assistant pastors, evangelists, song leaders, youth workers, bus directors, and missionaries. The training is practical. The founder described the approach as lacking the stiff, bookish, all-lecture style of teaching. The school has implemented a substantial hands-on ministry each week in diverse urban settings that gives the students practical experience necessary for success in ministry. All programs are planned as terminal education that prepares students to go directly into the ministry for which they have been trained upon graduation.

There are three emphases in the ROC School of Urban Ministries. The spiritual must come first in the life of a Christian. Daily chapel services with preaching form a portion of this emphasis. This atmosphere is maintained in the classroom where every teacher is described by the School affiliates as a dedicated Christian and consistent soul-winner. The second emphasis is a strong academic curriculum. The curriculum provides a theological and practical foundation for ministry in the urban community. The purpose of the curriculum is to teach students how to engage in outreach and also how to instill in students what to teach and preach to those reached. Finally, the curriculum emphasizes what the program describes as the practical side of church ministries.

Students who graduate from t he ROC School of Urban Ministries receive a Bachelor of Christian Education degree, with a major in Urban Ministry. The degree is granted to students who complete the following courses: New Testament Survey, Personal Evangelism, Teaching the Bible, Preaching (Men only), Application of Christian Ethics, Starting a New Testament Church, Church Leadership, The Church, Pastoral Counseling, The Bus Ministry, Youth Ministry, Music in the Church, Introduction to Missions, Biographies of Great Preachers, Financing the Great Commission, The Wife of a Man of God (Women only), Introduction to Education, How to Operate a Christian School for Inner City Children, How to Operate an After School Program, How to Rear Children, Coaching Inner City Children, The Science of the Christian Life, The Age of Reformation, Soulwinning 101, Formation of Biblical Doctrine, The Integrity of the Bible, The Great Commission, The Apostle Paul, Prayer, The Holy Spirit. In order to obtain the degree students also must adhere to a strict attendance requirement. While other books are assigned, the Bible is the utilized text for the majority of the school year.

As described by its founder, the ROC School of Urban Ministries is not simply looking for students but rather the right kind of students. The most important criterion is having a burning desire to give themselves one hundred percent to God. The school welcomes students of any race, color, nationality and ethnic origin. There are a limited number of scholarships and employment programs to aid in the tuition costs. Special rates and childcare services are offered for families.

The ROC School of Urban Ministries
The Richmond Outreach Center
3000 Chamberlayne Avenue
Richmond , VA 23227
Office: (804)-358-0188

Profile prepared by Latisha Woodford
December, 2007